Top tips on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change how businesses operate and deliver value to customers. To transform your business, follow some of our favourite tips... read more →

Are you a Technophobe?

‘Technophobia’ is the irrational fear of technology and its effects on individuals, society, and the environment. It is something that has been understood by the World Health Organisation (it is... read more →

MDB announces partnership with Udacity

As part of our continued growth, we are pleased to announce that MDB Service Consulting is partnering with Udacity, the digital talent transformation platform. In today's rapidly changing technological landscape,... read more →

Driving Self-Service

Service desks are significantly stretched.  Driving more from Self-Service and Automation can relieve the workload and provide a better customer experience. Self-Service seems to be one of the latest buzz... read more →

Cutting the red tape

One good thing about the last couple of years was that the red tape had to be cut. Organisations had to react to the emerging challenges that the Covid pandemic... read more →

Implications of cost cutting

The current climate of digital driven change is accelerating faster than ever. Businesses are looking to change their operating model; how they deliver services; new service models; and as a... read more →

Digitising Financial Services

The past year has seen a massive expansion in fintech (financial technology) to support the delivery of financial services to consumers, businesses, communities, social sectors and even parts of government.... read more →
Simon Pierce

MDB continues business expansion

We are delighted to announce and welcome Simon Pierce as MBD’s new Business Development Manager. Simon will be the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts, In addition, he will... read more →

Outputs vs. Outcomes, who cares?

Focus on driving outcome-based delivery Changes in customer behaviour, increasing business competition and the speed of technological change, means IT leaders are rethinking their IT strategies. Businesses want IT to... read more →

The shift has begun…

Say whatever you like about the impact on us all – personally, professionally or socially, but the event trigger of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about the biggest change in... read more →