Embarking on a transformation journey can be difficult, especially if you need to change the culture of the organisation as well as the digital infrastructure and processes that support it.

This phase focuses on driving adoption of your new toolset aligning People, Process and Technology identified in the business change framework in Strategy & Transformation.


You can be confident that we will help you see business change and adoption through to successful conclusion with a well-defined structure. Our approach covers the following elements:

  • Communications Plan  – articulating the key messages for each audience.
  • Engagement Plan – a plan for engaging with key stakeholder leaders, groups, teams and functions.
  • Sponsor Roadmap – outlining the actions needed from the project’s primary sponsor with a timeline on visibility, communications and more.
  • Business Change Management Training Plan – identifying who will need training and in which areas, imposing a structure and timescale.
  • Coaching Plan – support on engaging with leaders on how to roll out the change.
  • Heat Map Plan –  strategy for anticipating areas of resistance, and then proactively and reactively addressing this.
  • Monitoring behaviour, reinforcing support through transition and implementing corrective action plans.
  • Celebrating success


With our support, you can anticipate lasting adoption of changes which will deliver sustainable value.

You will successfully align culture and behavioural change with your business’s vision and overarching strategy. Improved operational performance and engaged staff who have bought into the reasons for change will drive further benefits, together with better management of stakeholders, improving overall project delivery.

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