Using an industry defined Service Maturity Framework, we will assess the current state of your IT Services and how this performs in terms of consistently and continually contributing to your organisation’s business objectives.

This will include evaluating your existing IT Services delivery model, ITL processes and organisational maturity then making key recommendations for improvement where necessary.


We start by defining the scope of your assessment (which might be a few key IT processes or equally a comprehensive review – we excel at both.) Typically, this covers Strategy, Service Design and Transition, Service Operations and factors in Continual Service Improvement.

We will work within your organisation and collaborate with key team members to capture the right information. The assessment includes the following elements:

  • Value: Aligning drivers, objectives and performance with stakeholder needs
  • Services: Deciding on and integrating required services
  • Processes: Identifying critical tasks, inputs and outputs and clear RACI.
  • Organisation: Establishing the right structure to enable your team to efficiently deliver IT Service operations.
  • Technologies: Visibility of performance and how information and workflow are integrated.
  • People: Empowering workforce to achieve organisational objectives.
  • Governance: Ongoing strategic alignment, measurement and control of performance and risk.


You will receive a current status review of your organisation’s IT service capabilities including an in-depth assessment, findings and recommendations which will be encapsulated a presentation with key stakeholders.

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