One of the biggest challenges for any transformation programme is identifying the outcomes and the scale of associated benefits as part of the business case or investment needs.

Our consultants have developed a detailed Business Case and Benefits Realisation tool that has been used across numerous change programmes to identify value and Return on Investments (ROI).


We use our detailed tool to capture, record and track key metrics as well as promote stakeholder agreement. The process encompasses:

  • Identifying the Use cases on which the Benefits model will be based and agreeing owners
  • Collating core data encompassing operational data, volumetric, and costs
  • Calculating the benefits where we can dynamically model proposed changes
  • Prioritising the benefits and mapping to delivery to realise those benefits
  • Continually monitoring and adjusting delivery to ensure adoption, deriving the identified benefits

The outcome of our expert approach is a document detailing the Use Cases, Calculated Tiered Benefits, Phasing Calculation and ROI against overall cost. This can then be shared with your key stakeholders, including Finance, to ensure consistency of Benefits Quantification within your organisation.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your IT Service Management (ITSM) system or procure new functionality, our experts will tailor a credible Business Case showing the real benefits to be realised as well as ROI

Your organisation will have a clear summary of benefits which have been categorised into three levels:

  • Tier 1 benefits – direct cost savings
  • Tier 2 benefits – cost avoidance/workload reassignment
  • Tier 3 benefits – cultural/other benefits that cannot be quantified.

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